Your creativity, your joy, your inner harmony ~

all of these are connected.


And all are connected to living true to who you are... and creating and expressing what you're here to create and express.

I believe in the importance of inner harmony - finding ways to lessen anxiety and stress, finding ways to live with more inner peace and energetic harmony.

I believe in the importance of creativity, energy, self-care, soul-care, and conscious connection to joy.

I write and create... and through my Writenergy offerings, I offer support to other writers. Writenergy is about your energy, the energy of your writing, and the energy of your relationship with your writing. 

I also craft, offer, and teach about things related to inner peace, well-being, and anxiety reduction. (I believe these are intertwined with creativity, joy, and living true... and the spiraling journey of anxiety/peace has been an ongoing one for me personally.) My work and offerings around this focus on working with: 
        *** energy modalities
        *** crystals and essential oils
        *** intuition
        *** meditation and other stress reduction techniques
       *** self-care and soul-care
        *** chakra work
        *** creativity
        *** connecting with the energies of the elements of nature. 

To learn about my services and products, please visit this page (in addition to Writenergy and my offerings here on my site, the page includes links to my digital products and etsy shop for my handcrafts and artwork).

And I invite you to check out my gifties page. It has a link to a resource list as well as freebies that might be helpful to you... including .pdfs on things like anxiety, stress, crystals, and chakras.


I’m Gin (also known as Ginger) - and I'm a published writer, intuitive energy worker, angel card reader, crystal helper, shamanic practitioner, and holistic life coach.

You can find out more about me on my about page.

I write about my experiences and my journey, crystals, energy, self-care, writing, creativity - and more (sometimes just life in general) - on my blog.

I'm glad you're here.



My short ebook - More Than Once in a Blue Moon: a journal for reaching your dreams - isn't limited to only months with an astronomical "blue moon" ... It's about your dreams coming true being more than just a rare event.

To get info and order this instant downloadable and printable .pdf, visit here or here.